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Tony Terry
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Tony Terry is a trial lawyer in the Las Vegas area who has the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to represent you. Terry obtained a bachelor’s degree while attending Brigham Young University and subsequently obtained a Juris Doctor degree at the University of Utah Law School. After being admitted to the practice of law in the State of Nevada, Terry was offered a full partnership with Robert Cohen, a well known real estate and divorce lawyer in Las Vegas. Terry worked in a partnership with Cohen for ten years and then moved on to form his own firm known as Tony Terry, Ltd.  

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In 1985 Terry accepted the position of City Attorney for the city of Mesquite, Nevada. During a time when Mesquite was the fastest growing city in the State of Nevada, Terry was chief legal adviser on all the land use development and zoning violations in the city. 
 Terry was also responsible for all criminal prosecution in the city. While serving as city attorney, Terry lead the city in a three year litigation case in federal court in the case of Pure Pleasure vs. The City of Mesquite, NV which case resulted in a court order upholding the city’s revocation of the business license of an adult oriented enterprise. Terry represented the city for over thirteen years, receiving an award for his, "outstanding representation, dedication and service to the citizens of Mesquite, Nevada."

Terry has continued a private practice in Las Vegas focusing on family and criminal law. He has tenaciously represented thousands of contested divorces, paternity and child custody cases. Terry also has a wealth of experience in probate and estate planning and has been able to assist hundreds of clients in preparing their wills, trusts and probate proceedings.  
During his years of experience, Terry has represented many criminal cases ranging from first degree murder to DUI. Over the years of fighting these cases, Terry has developed a keen respect of human rights. He believes that good people make mistakes and that every person deserves competent representation. Terry is not one to dodge a fight when a fight is necessary. He has successfully pursued his client’s rights in appeals to the Nevada Supreme Court as well as the Nevada State Board of Pardons Commissioners. Mr. Terry has fought lengthy and complex court cases such as murder trials and palimony proceedings, some resulting in trial periods lasting over two weeks.
Possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a bulldog personality in the courtroom, Tony Terry has what it takes to represent you and your case. Don't make the mistake of being misrepresented. Call Tony Terry's Office and schedule a consultation and have Tony Terry personally handle your case.